Since 2020, accumulating experience in the professional perfumery and cosmetics sector, a further growing catalog in Europe and satisfied customers in more than 30 countries, Cosmetista has become a benchmark online store in the sector based on the following principles :

  • Only original Products.
  • Personalized and professional customer care and service based on our team of specialists in beauty and high perfumery.
  • Reimbursement guarantee, thanks to our agreements with the largest European logistics operators and our high price competitiveness.
  • Our high investment in technology makes it possible for our store to have the highest security measures available on the Internet:
    • Technological security certificates in the encryption of transactions.
    • Compliance with European safety standards.
    • Daily security audits to detect external attacks.
    • We do not sell advertising space.

All these services guarantee a professional, safe and efficient service.

Cosmetista only sells selective brands, that is why we are concerned that brands have an exclusive space in our store according to their prestige, explanation of their history and philosophy, high photographic quality when presenting their products to our customers, ordering of the products of each brand by their respective families and we allow them to be filtered by their properties so that the client fully understands the characteristics of what the brand really represents and wants to convey to us.

We have opinion feedback on each of the products so that customers can comment on their use and application, further enriching the presentation of the product in Cosmetista.

Cosmetista is a trademark of Brookings.